12 ways to recharge and spark a delightful fresh night time routine and a better day.

You may only find out later the little night time routine many of us take for granted that it does go a long way in how the following day goes. For this blog post I will just make it simple easy to follow starting tonight according to your life season. I will make sure to cover every one of us at different life stages for one way does not fit all. I have 13 ways and figure that you will find one tip that will be useful to you.

1. Make a mental note night time is not the best time to make a major decision, you have heard the phrase 'sleep on it' Many times I did not see the cleverness of the whole idea, Sleep on it? What are you talking about? Wisdom always waits for us to catch up with universal truth. Too much has happened and influenced your day maybe week or month to come up with the best decision in this major change you want to make. Sleep on it do not allow yourself or give anyone permission to pressure you into making any decision. Sleep on it for better clarity the next day. Psychologists have discovered that you have time in a rest state to figure out the best option for you. So no major decisions at night. Sleep on it.  

2. Manage your mind so it does not manage you. You instruct your mind what you will focus on regardless of pressure around you. Rehearsing a negative event over and over causes it to become some kind of monument in your mind bigger than it should be. Perception is so important here. How we see a situation how we see ourselves in the situation. If you feel helpless you may resort to less favourable regretable decisions the following day. Pause for a moment and think is there another way to look at this? Could I have done any better with the limited resources I had with the little if any support I had? Most likely not.  Not sure where I read but the statement said one of the ways to ruin our mental health is the inability to accept things as they are. If we face things as they are not what we imagine them to be we are well on our way to a more positive outcome than covering up and denying how things really are. Perhaps we worry about situations way out of our control. Do the best you can then leave it alone.


3. Manage major conflict calmer. If a heated discussion arises from those around us, calmly and politely ask to be excluded till everyone calms down enough to speak objectively not out of fear. Making decisions based on limited knowledge and fear does not always serve us well.  When we are fearful we do not make the best decisions for our health which suffers eventually. If like me you made some decisions that could be smarter, now is the time to observe and make decisions from an objective clear headed I had a good nights sleep point of view. Ask for independent advice from a trusted objective advisor following day sometimes another pair of ears helps us see our own point of view which could be highly self centred and fearful others ignored their own needs totally thrown out which leads to resentment that can last years and blow up at the worst time possible.


4. A personal favorite here. Meditate on all the good things about your life.  This is  a powerful a great way to close the day by moments of gratitude and thankfulness for everything thats working in your life right now. Like make a big deal of it. We have more of what we are grateful for. Thank you God for all thats working in my life so thankful for things I could not have managed except 


5. Make your facial routine count. A lot. You have many products you can choose from here to clear up any dead skin and environmental factors. Give your skin a good old cleanse and speak or think positive SELF AFFIRMING statements in these moments while washing your skin and moisturizing.

6. Make space for all your tech devices as in over there. Far away. One you have little option but to wake up at your pre agreed time to get ready for the day you walk to the phone and no doubt fully awake. Stops you from awkwardly wondering if your life is over as you scroll through other imaginary lives on Instagram or any other social media site. If you have a business you only need a few minutes daily to update and manage your social media so you can spend more time reading to fill your mind with what you want. You may have heard the phrase trash in trash out. 


7. Make a vision board and look at it before you go to bed. Look at where you want to go what does that look like and what small step can you take tomorrow to


8, Make it happen. See yourself doing that living in that lifestyle An inspired lifestyle is the most magical. Les Brown emphatically talks about how to stay hungry. When you think you have arrive you stop living. No reason no motivation to get up and TAKE ACTION. But you have lots of reasons to make it happen. Purposeful intentional living. Make it happen.


9. Make room for miracles in your heart. Expect some people to surprise you Develop an expectation mindset anything can happen. One of the main reasons people get stuck in disappointment is they expect the person or community to give back to them as they give and if it does not happen shut down. Yes people can be so ungrateful but a great start is to think like this precious heart much more liberating see this


10, Make peace with yourself today tonight. You have done the best you can with your time and resources the best you know how today. Empty the day of its worries now. Make peace with how others are towards you people only do what they know or think works. Make peace with others let them live their life as you live yours. So dare to dream.


11. Make room for the unexpected. Life happens. Make room for your plans not working out as you expect and be okay with that ahead of time.  We take on way too much stress than we should.  Some of my private care patients have found great comfort in this realisation. Do what you can now while you have time live life with no regret. 


Here are some helpful sleeping aids for a good nights sleep. This does not replace or subsitute medical advice seek your doctor's advice.


12. Finally and the most helpful tip that works for me when I use it.

Plan your day the night before determine the results you want and work your way back.

Finally take a tip from the founder of success magazine. Plan your week on Sunday evenings.

Over to you what helpful tips can you share with the community. Thank you