Better Life Club

Are you tired of just getting by, just making it day by day? Nothing wrong with that. What if you could experience more happiness, more fulfillment in every day life? Welcome to creating life by design with intention on purpose.  We have had some challenging months, nonetheless we want to move forward on purpose by design, looking upwards and onwards. Here's the thing although we can do nothing about what has gone we can do something about where we go from here on.  So you are welcome to better life club created on purpose by design to move you in the direction you want with a clear pathway to get there. 

Our signature program is tailored to each of our members that sign up to explore and move deeper on a personal level, a coaching program that is focused around your personal goals and values so you can experience more joy more fulfillment in everyday life.

Many wait till this or that is fixed or sorted, however what if we do not get the closure we want, what if that business did not work out, the relationship, the family dynamics are out of sorts? You can only work in reality on you. Only you have the power to change you.

You see we are designed to live in abundance happiness joy. Joy you would be glad to know does not depend on changing circumstances, it's a deep sense of knowing everything is going to turn out okay, everyone we love and care about is going to be okay, we can only support them so much the rest we leave to God to work on their own heart to touch them in a way that only He can. 
You see when we place our divine self in the centre of our life, we see every day life from a different perspective a whole new outlook, including the story we tell ourselves. A story we can use to make us reach our highest fullest expression of ourselves or use it to diminish our light and truth. What do you choose? 

If you want to:

1. Shift careers now use your work experience to launch a new small business book your discovery session here A small investment in you from £49  Book your free timeslot here

2. Give yourself a fresh start after a relationship breakdown reinvent yourself and support the life you now want to create A small investment in you from £69 coaching sessions last 40min. Book your free timeslot here first before you decide 15 min

3. Want to generate new leads for your business using live streaming on facebook instagram youtube etc  Book your free discovery session here 15min  Live stream coaching begins at £89 per session

4. Small business growth using social media and email marketing  Book your coaching session here Monthly rates begin at £489

Beulah care is a life empowerment community. We create our lives by design, beulah care not only cares about your skin fitness home etc but we care that you feel great from the inside out. Here's to life, look forward to meet you via zoom sessions social media and more. Thank you.