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Life transition coaching


 Hey there welcome to the beulah care community for your health and wellness journey products for you or perhaps a friend and family member going through a life transition stage. We take a completely different approach to health and fitness. We want anyone to start where you at.  Health and fitness is a lifestyle, its your new normal. The change is the challenge and thats why we here for you. Help you make that change smoothly, no rigid diets not at all. 

So who are we? We are a community of folk adjusting to a new life stage on purpose or by random life events unplanned we find ourselves wanting something fresh that we can do with passion from the heart. We have all decided to OWN OUR JOURNEY be taking care of ourselves FIRST. Guilt free. We are not ashamed to feel and look good from the inside out. What about you? Are you one of us or do you need to keep searching? Thats cool too, we hope you find the right community for you.

Our products range from health and fitness workout trampolines, resistance bands to medical products you can use at home. But more than that we discuss via Zoom essential life adjustment accountability through coaching programs and networking. We choose highly selective helpful health supplements advice, products that make life easier for new and older moms, working from home health essentials, home care tips for elderly family members and we do regular challenges to keep you engaged accountable and right on course to get your desired goals. We want you to enjoy your transition helping you get RESULTS. If you dont feel quite ready check out our home gym products start with your physical fitness in the meantime. 

Read on for current challenge........

We are looking for committed ambassadors of hope action and personal reinvention. We are living in times of radical transformation. Yet so many are looking for support and direction feeling lost and confused wondering what life will be like. But you see things a bit differently. Yet you are not sure where to start. Will you rise to the challenge? Are you ready to take action? Come on this 30 day OWN YOUR SPACE challenge.

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Perhaps you came to this space on a personal level you just want to find the tools and support you need to make an important life change.  You know there is more for you but need some support and accountability to follow through, here is the question for you and why come on this journey with @coachmegw on Instagram:

Getting ready to make an important life and health change, but not sure where to start? With over 20 years in the health care industry we draw from various disciplines on creating lasting change. Book your free 15min session with our lifestyle coach to help you make that important life transition. We bring a whole person approach to what we do. This section is part of our health and wellness outreach activities. Lets connect on Facebook Instagram Twitter Pinterest or by email. Get in touch today,

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Welcome to your next chapter

Authenticity Abundance Adventure. 

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