Update: 30.04.21

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Can you eat what you want and still lose weight? If you have the right knowledge of course you can, see this study check here.

But first I posted this last week.......

Ready to end your weight loss struggle? You can get started here. Ready to be a body builder? What if you could get the studies you need to make your own decision? Weight loss overall wellness is such a huge deal that this decision cannot be taken in a hurry. With my healthcare nursing background, that's my approach. Get the science behind any offer then make my decision. This is the offer I have for you here. I want more people to be healthy protect themselves from long term illness heart disease and more. The other day my taxi driver said I am just lazy, I don't have time to get on this weight loss journey, I didnt know what I know now and so I cannot be silent about it. Watch this research based study here

Want to know how skinny people can eat whatever they want and still look and stay thin? Have you heard that metabolism is behind it? Think again. Start here I call it gut health weight loss breakthrough. Take notes your brand new diet weight loss supplement journey begins here. End your weightloss struggle today.

Getting to your ideal weight and the truth about weight loss takes a bit of homework some research and deciding which program is best for you. I have never tried diets for a reason. I find myself looking for best ways to not only start a wellness journey but to stay and maintain that journey. I want solutions that are fun because it is human nature to shy away from anything that causes pain. And yes I even tried the insanity workout just to prove myself that I was not afraid of pain short term. But we stopped when my son hurt his knee. So I am not here to insist this is what will work for you, I just want you to check out this study no obligation to purchase just listen out for yourself. One thing I know for a fact is the psychology of permanent  lifestyle weight loss that restores our self confidence. You want to carve out a bit of time to listen to this study. Start here. The truth behind weight loss and creating a lifestyle that works.

However if you simply want to take care of your gut health and improve your general wellbeing, build muscle, maximize your body's ability to absorb all the nutrients for maximum benefit, this one's a no brainer bioptimize for general fitness, body builders, wrestlers, weightloss, golfers, runners, personal trainers, fitness coaches, health coaches, and more,

If you are not yet convinced still looking for options, test out the custom keto diet here