New Waist Posture Corrector Belt Brace Support Belt for Men Women Adjustable Waist Protection Sports T shirt

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Main material: 1680D cloth + 3mm sponge + inner black cloth

Colour: Black
Features: correct sitting posture

Adjustable waist artifact
A belt that can protect your waist! 
A belt that can be posture corrected! A belt that can be thin waist!
This posture belt is definitely a good helper for office workers' waist care.
It can easily solve all the troubles caused by lumbar problems.
Moreover, it is light and convenient and easy to carry.
Whether on the plane, on the train, at work, at school, during games,
You can train your perfect posture effortlessly
As long as you wear it for 15 minutes a day,
Your standing and sitting postures have been greatly corrected.